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Digital Tags

Digital Enablers

Digital tags are digital enablers for E-coupons, promotions, mobile payments, pricing automation, stockout detection, marketing, and visual workforce management.

E-Ink Technology

E-Ink differs from other display technology by producing a more natural look, visually similar to actual paper.


coreTAGs have no wires, making placement and management a clean and easy experience.

Long Battery Life

An average battery life of five years makes coreTAGs low maintenance.

Multi Colored

A tricolor display, using black, white, and red, gives you options to make important information stand out.

Micro Web Pages

Digital tags are “micro web pages” that display essential omnichannel data. Enhances the in-store user experience by helping staff and shoppers make informed decisions.

Seamless and Modern

Sleek and modern, digital tags fit every environment seamlessly. Thinner than any tag before, it adds a modern touch to every store.


All tags sync together to be seamlessly managed from coreSTORE.


Easily create tags that garner the highest level of attention from your customers.


coreTAGs enable you to save time and money by reducing waste, providing stock status, wayfinding indoor navigation, and more!

Automated Updates

Items that are date/time driven will have tags automatically update when the pricing rule takes effect. Once the price rule is no longer valid, the tags update again. Plan specials months ahead.

LED Alerts

Grab your customers attention by activating the built in LED light on a tag. A great way to easily locate an item, or let your customers know that the item is on sale.

Various Sizes for Your Needs

The coreTAG series is offered in various sizes, allowing you to buy for your needs.

coreTAG ranges in size from 1.6”, 2.2”, 2.6”, 4.2”, 7.4”, and more.

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