Powerful and affordable solutions for Retailers, Distributors, & Manufacturers

2A Friendly Payment Processing

coreCLEAR is our transparent, flexible, and affordable payment processing platform. No matter how you choose to accept payments, we provide the solutions which allow FFLs to survive and thrive.

2A Friendly Merchant Services

coreCLEAR offers merchant services to firearms manufactures, distributors, retailers, and home-based FFLs.

Clear & Simple

A simple, affordable, and flexible payment processing platform. We provide the solutions which allow your business to survive and thrive.

Transparent & Principled

Full disclosure of merchant account costs, with no hidden fees or surprises. Anything less than full disclosure falls short of the standards we seek to uphold.

Flexibility Meets Versatility

Supports all card types and brands in any payment environment. Accept payments using the latest technology and methods, from EMV chip to mobile wallets.


Integrate payments with ease into literally any FFL marketplace, cart API, or eCommerce platform.

Virtual Terminal

Process payments in a back-office setting using coreCLEAR’s gateway virtual terminal.

Debit Card Support

All cards, and all entry methods. coreCLEAR supports credit and PIN Debit for all US card brands.

Contactless & EMV

Contact EMV, Contactless EMV and Mobile Payments, Magnetic Stripes, and Manual Card Entry.

Blazing Speed

coreCLEAR is fast, well it’s BLAZING FAST, with 1.5 second average authorization times. coreCLEAR is brand new and built for efficiency and speed.

Secure Payments

Accept payments with a secure, reliable platform. Safeguard customer’s payment information and maintain security standards using PCI compliant technology.

Get Funded Faster

Keep cash-flow consistent with Next Day Funding. Close your batch by 9:00 PM EST, and receive deposit settlements the next business day.

Customer Support

Experiencing hardware or software issues? Have a question about your monthly statement? Our support staff is available during your working hours.

coreCLEAR Smart Terminals

The coreCLEAR family of smart terminals distinguish themselves

from other “dumb” hardware through interactive engagement features.

CLEAR 8500

Rethink & Reimagine Retail

The idea behind the CLEAR 8500 is simple. Looking beyond product features to redefine the purchase experience. Every detail of CLEAR 8500 was thoughtfully considered and meticulously designed; like every detail of your brand experience and customer journey.

CLEAR 6200

Powerful & Versatile Mobile Payments

The CLEAR 6200 is a secure, smartphone sized, advanced mobile payment solution. Perfect proportions, ergonomic design, and unmatched response times ensure a comfortable and consistent customer experience wherever payments happen.

Feature Your Brand
in the Customer Experience

Include your branding assets and digital marketing by uploading images, slide shows, and video, right on the terminal.

Loyalty Enrollment
In Only A Few Seconds

Build a repeat customer-base with effortless enrollment in loyalty programs, redemptions, and promotions.

Measure Success
Through Customer Surveys

Give your customers the opportunity to provide valuable feedback on your business using survey questions. 

Create Custom
Contracts & Agreements

Display contracts, agreements, or terms of purchase right from the terminal; and capture customer signatures in seconds.

Merchant Account Pricing

Flat Rate

Interchange +


All Cards


+ IC | per trans


per transaction

per transaction


per month


per month

Next Day Funding

No Monthly Minimum

No PCI Compliance Fees

No Early Termination Fee

Next Day Funding

No Monthly Minimum

No PCI Compliance Fees

No Early Termination Fee

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