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Powerful eCommerce for the Firearms Industry

Distributors & Dropshipping

We integrate the top 14 distributors (more coming in 2023), and provide access to over 225K shooting sports products.

Choose Your Own Theme

Modern shooting sports themes offer you the flexibility to display your brand in a way that sets you apart from the competition.

coreSTORE Integration

Syncs with all of your coreSTORE products for seamless integration with your website.

GunBroker Integration

With the best GunBroker integration on the market, you’ll be able to sell more and while saving time doing it.

EasyPost Integration

Create labels and handle shipments directly in coreFORCE via integrating with EasyPost.

Page Creator

Create pages using a drag & drop page builder to create your own content. Unique content is what builds your SEO presence and keeps customers coming back.

Custom Pricing Structures

Create advanced pricing structures allowing you to set your own rates with control over product departments, category groups, categories and manufacturers.

Flexible Shipping Rates

Multitude of options to configure & calculate shipping charges.

Order Entry

Quickly add orders on behalf of customers. If you have an inbound phone team, this is the perfect screen for them to use to enter a customer order.

Fully Responsive

Mobile traffic accounts for over 60% of website visits. Our responsive site designs allows your visitors to shop online using any device.


There are many reports available to print or export. Report criteria can be saved for future use and reports can be scheduled to automatically generate on a regular basis.

Secure Online Ordering

SSL encrypted website, shopping cart, database, and UI.

Bound Book & 4473

Unlimited Bound Books

Easily separate your Class 3 sales. Maintain a separate rental firearm and work order book. Or, set up separate books for different firearm types.

Access Anywhere

Work anywhere and manage your store and bound book. It’s easy to take coreFFL with you, using our native iOS and Android apps. If you have multiple locations, easily see what’s happening at each store.

Fast & Easy Searches

Finding the right bound book quickly and easily is essential. Search by name, serial number, address, or any information in the record. Filter your searches, as well as quickly export your results.

Audit Trail

We properly track all changes and edits made in the bound book, along with the history of who made the change and what the changes were.

Firearm Tags & Labels

coreFFL allows you to print customizable labels with various formats. Customize your labels at no extra charge for various firearm types, as well as set up unlimited label designs.

Multi-Location Support

Easily move firearms between stores with our cloud. Transferring disposes the firearms from the original location and acquires them into the receiving. In-transit firearms can be confirmed and tracked.

Quick Acquisition

Acquire a firearm by scanning the UPC to import the information, including a picture from our vast catalog. If the firearm is acquired from an FFL, quickly pull them up by entering their FFL number.

Warnings and Alerts

coreFFL warns you about potential compliance violations, including missing critical and required information. Easily identify problems in your bound book and quickly resolve them.

Compliance Reports

Provided compliance reports show you which firearms have been sitting in inventory for too long, general inventory reports, receiving reports, and much more.

Multi-Firearm Sales

Identify multiple firearm sales to the same individual. During a multi-sale, coreFFL displays an alert and automatically generates and emails a 3310.4s to the ATF and local law enforcement.

Firearm Scanning

Scan firearms into your inventory using the UPC and serial number. Scan multiple serial numbers when receiving large quantities. No more typos or mistakes and huge time savings.

Drivers License Scan

Supporting all state drivers licenses, scan for speed and accuracy. Be alerted when the customers enter different information on the 4473.

Compliance Reports

For around $100, you can get a wireless scanner that will scan both your inventory and drivers licenses.

Multi-Firearm Sales

Quickly create a work order with the click of a button. Track all of the repair information for a firearm, along with the technician and other information.

Firearm Scanning

coreFFL helps you to dispose of multiple firearms at once, acquire large numbers of firearms with sequential serial numbers, and import and export spreadsheets.

Slow Moving Inventory

Easily identify firearms that have been in stock for too long, so you can reduce your inventory costs. Identifying slow moving firearms empowers a business to invest wisely and quickly.

EZ Check Integration

coreFFL integrates directly with the ATF FFL EZ Check database, making it quick and secure to verify and validate an FFL. No need to open a new tab, just click the button and you are all set.

Send Your FFL

Quickly send a digital copy of your FFL via email, along with a message to the receiving store.

Custom Fields

Define your own custom fields to track additional information in the bound book. Custom fields can be optionally printed on the bound book report.

Multi Dispose

Dispose multiple firearms to the same customer all at once, no need to enter the same information multiple times - TIME IS MONEY!


Allows owners and managers to restrict access to certain features by employees. For multi store locations, employees can be assigned to just the locations they work at.

Move Records

Quickly move one or more bound book records to another bound book. This is helpful if you are starting a new book, or mistakenly acquired firearms into the wrong book.

Import & Export via Excel

Export your entire bound book or selected records directly to Excel with a click of a button. You can also import records into the bound book.

Firearm Transfers

Firearm Transfers

You can acquire the firearm and add the customer from an FFL firearm transfer. Using coreSTORE, set up a suspended sale with transfer fees already calculated.

EZ Check Integration

Quickly pull in the FFL’s information if they aren’t already in your database. No need to try their address information. Time is money!

Transfer Status

Set up custom statuses to track the entire transfer, from the time of receiving the transfer to the pickup. Filter the dashboard by status to easily find the transfer you are searching for.


Notify the customer that their transfer is ready for pickup via email or text. Reduce the phone calls by keeping the customer up to date on the status of their transfer.

Transfer Dashboard

Our firearm transfer dashboard allows you to easily see all of the active and completed transfers. Easily search the dashboard to quickly find the customer’s transfer.

Multi-Firearm Transfers

Accept multiple transfers from different FFL’s for one customer without having to enter each separately. Edit existing transfers and add another firearm any time before it is picked up.

4473 Features

Electronic Kiosk

Turn any tablet or computer into a customer facing kiosk, allowing them to fill out the 4473 electronically, quickly, and securely. They can sign the 4473 directly on the device.

Simple Management

Easily store thousands of 4473’s and quickly retrieve a 4473 with the click of a button.

Easy Searches

Search your uploaded 4473’s by name, address, TSN, or serial number to access the form you need when you need it.

Electronic Signatures

Sign your 4473’s electronically using a touch screen, mouse, or even signature pad. Your customers can sign their part electronically as well.

Electronic Storage

Your 4473’s are stored securely in the cloud, can be accessed from anywhere, and there are no limits on the number of 4473’s that you can store.

NICS Integration

Process a background check using a Chrome, Firefox, or Edge extension. No more typing and risking data entry errors, not to mention the time savings.

State Background Check

Currently, we support automating the process in Tennessee and Florida, with additional state support being added. Check with us if your state is not listed.

Local Backup

Whether on Windows or Mac, our coreSTORE FFLSync tool will run in the background and will ensure your 4473’s are backed up locally on your device

Full Audit Trail & Compliance

All supplemental forms for a transaction are electronically attached at the end of the 4473’s for continuity and ease of review.

Printing 4473's

Quickly print a 4473 directly from your system, or optionally email it.

Range Management Features

coreFORCE Advanced and coreFORCE Enterprise

Classes & Events

Create Classes & Events

Ability to create paid or non-paid classes and events. Examples: classroom instruction, firearm training classes, public & private events, range events, etc.

Track Instructors

Manage instructors in the system, maintain contact info & certifications. Assign instructors to classes, control user permissions, access class rosters & scheduling.

Membership Price Variations

Change price based on membership level.

Registration Reports

Easily print registration reports and class rosters. Reports can be printed or exported to PDF/CSV. You can also schedule reports so they are printed automatically.

Add Registrants

Manually add registrants to any class directly from the back office administration. You can create a new contact and quickly add them to one or more classes.

Customizable Tax Rates

Customize tax rates for classes to fit your requirements.

Flexible Class Setup

Every class can be defined with a flexible schedule and a capacity. Never oversell a class again. Quickly set up your entire year schedule by using our class builder screen.

Event Facilities

You can set up your facility and manage multiple classrooms. Each facility set up in the system will maintain a schedule and ensure that you don’t have overlapping classes.

Sell Classes At Your Store

In addition to selling classes on your website, you can easily sell classes at the store. The best time to sell a class is when someone just purchased a new firearm. Ring up a class at the register.

Customer Alerts

Alert customers of upcoming classes via email and/or text message. Notifications can be completely customized. Set how many days before a class to send the notifications out.

Sign Up Receipts

When signing up for a class the customers will receive a receipt via email. The receipt can be customized.

Private Instruction

Set up private instruction classes in the system. Customers can easily book a private instruction class online or at the store.


Multiple Tiers

Set up an unlimited number of membership tiers that enable you to offer different benefits to each tier. Pricing for memberships can vary by tier.

Sell Memberships Online

Set up pages on your website dedicated to selling memberships. You can set up any number of landing pages to help sell memberships and easily set up banners to help direct visitors.

Permission Levels

Different permission levels per membership type.

Member Specific Pricing

Members can enjoy member only pricing and this pricing can vary by the tier level. Easily set up special discounts, providing further incentive to maintain their membership.

Auto Renew

Members are billed on a recurring basis, as well as have auto renewal. For annual memberships, they will receive a notification prior to renewal. Renewal can be set up as opt-in.

Payment Management

Members can pay for memberships using a credit card and receive a receipt each month. Members can change payment methods at any time.

Pausing Memberships

Easily allow your members to pause their memberships. This is an optional toggle that you can allow your members to access.

Discounts On Classes

Price classes differently for members. Each membership tier can be offered special pricing on classes. Another way to incentivize your members to maintain their memberships.

Lane Reservations

You can restrict reserving a lane to members only. You can also provide everyone the ability to reserve lanes ahead of time, but allow members to reserve further ahead.

Members At The Store

Easily see your members information at the register. We use colors to quickly identify if the membership is active.

Membership Cancellation

Allow your members to cancel their membership at any time by simply visiting their account page. This is an optional feature that you can toggle on or off.

Promotional Codes

Easily setup promotion codes that can only be used by your members. Special promo codes can be set up for different tiers of memberships.

Range Reservations

Online Reservations

Allow customers to make their own reservations; anything from lane reservations, private or public events, firearms classes, and training & instruction, etc.

Paid or Unpaid Reservation

Gives you the flexibility to charge reservations online or in-store. Saves time and gets people out of line and onto the lane, so they can shoot more and buy more.

Rates Based On Member Level

Set flexible pricing based on membership level/status. Not a member? Charge them for the reservation right then and there.

Rates Based On Guests

Is this reservation for multiple people? Set flexible additional costs per extra person, as well as set restrictions on how many people can shoot in a lane.

Allow Members To Book Ahead

Allow customers to book for different amounts of time in advance. For example, platinum members can book 21 days ahead, but gold can book 14 days ahead.

Guest Waiver Status

Has your guest filled out a waiver? Our integration allows you to see, on someone’s customer record, the moment they fill out a waiver online or at one of your kiosks.

Status Prior To Booking

Improve the customer experience by greeting them based on their level of membership. Includes color-coded membership status for active, expiring, and expired.

Premium Reservation Portal

Give exclusive website access to higher level members, for things like special booking privileges that other users don’t have access to.

Book Lanes For Classes

With our robust class management, you can schedule lanes for use in order to avoid double-booking your lanes or other facilities.

Flexible Time Segments

Time segments can be in 1 hour or 15 minute increments, depending on the needs of your business. No matter your needs, we have you covered.

Customer Check-In

Allow your customers to check-in as soon as they enter the building! Create a new contact in your system for anyone new!

Membership Check-In

Want to allow your members to skip the line? Use the express check-in so they can get right to what they came for.

Rental Products

Assign rental products and easily add those to checkout for your customers.

Customer Privacy For Booking

When full, reservation slots will simply be marked “reserved.” You can also display that a lane is booked for a particular class.

Expedite Your Transactions

Expedite your customer’s experience by getting through checkout with a lane rental, targets, and a class in a single transaction.

Require Waiver Videos

Waivers can require a user to finish a video before they proceed. Set up restrictions that will pause the video if minimized or disallow them from fast forwarding.

Schedule Recurring Booking

If you have customers that would prefer or require recurring reservations, these can quickly and easily be set up.

Notifications & Reminders

Purchases for lane rentals will automatically trigger emails. Additionally, you have the option to set up reminders for your customers.

Allow Reservation Cancellation

Allow or disallow your customers to cancel their reservations. If you allow them to cancel, they will be refunded with a system-generated gift card, saving you from fees.

Color-Coded Reservation Slots

Reservations made online can automatically be marked with colors to signify different memberships, classes, and more to your RSOs.

Capture Vital Transaction Data

With our coreILLA integration, you can capture all of your transaction data and use it for advanced email marketing.

Allow Multiple Payment Options

Customers can utilize any payment options, that you allow, for online reservations. This makes it easier to collect payments for reservations!

Lane Availability Updates

Lane availability is updated as soon as a lane is booked, whether it be online or in-store. Have full confidence that you are not double-booking customers!

Customized Branding

Our system is under your branding and keeps the customer on your website for better analytics tracking and additional purchases. No more sending your customers off to another website.


Customizable Waivers

Completely customizable waivers can be created and maintained in the system.

Waiver Versions

The version signed by the customer will always be the version that is stored in the system.

Unlimited Waivers

Unlimited number of waiver forms can be created.

Customer Agreements

Allow customers to submit waivers and fill out membership agreements.

Mobile Friendly

Create mobile friendly forms and waivers.

Customer Requirements

Force customer to watch video before filling out form.

Form Payment

Customers can submit a payment with a form. They capture a photo, tie the form to an account, display waiver status from Point of Sale integration, and can keep track of the form history.

Digital Signature & Initials

Customers can sign the waiver directly on the screen. Initial boxes can be added to any part of the waiver.

Data is GOLD

Use the data you collect from the waiver for marketing. Email addresses and other demographic information can be used to help shape your marketing strategies.

Expiration Date

Waivers come with status updates/notifications. The status is displayed through colors:

Red - Waiver expired

Green - Waiver is good

Orange - Expiring within 30 days

Fully Customizable

Waivers are fully customizable and can be fully formatted. Create multi-step waivers or single page waivers. Existing waivers can be converted to a digital format.

Unlimited Storage

Save every waiver forever. We do not limit your data storage of waivers, and do not archive your data. You can access any waiver at any time, with no limits or restrictions.

coreFORCE Enterprise Exclusive Features

Your Web Site - Your Design

We have a team of designers that will work with you and your staff to ensure that your website is unique and properly reflects your businesses message.

Fully Responsive

Mobile traffic accounts for over 60% of website visits. Our responsive site designs allows your visitors to shop online using any device.

Custom Development

The coreFORCE platform was designed from the ground up to be enhanced. Our developer team can assist you with any custom needs that you may have.

Distributors & Dropshipping

We integrate the top 14 distributors (more coming in 2023), and provide access to over 225K shooting sports products.

Enforce MAP Policies

MAP pricing can be set for any item and the markup engine will make sure to adhere to any rules set on MAP priced items.

Add To Cart For Best Price

For MAP pricing, you can allow your visitors to add the item to the cart to see the best price, offer to email the price, or email a one time use promo code.

Real-Time Updates