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coreFFL : A Complete Solution for the Shooting Sports Industry

coreFFL is a complete suite of SaaS solutions and financial services designed for the shooting sports industry.

coreFFL covers everything from Retail Operations, turn-key and enterprise-level eCommerce, 2A-Friendly Payment Processing, Bound Book & eForms, Range & Facility Management, as well as Digital Marketing.

The Only FFL Software You'll Ever Need

The Only FFL Software You'll Ever Need

If you're an FFL, coreFFL is a great option for managing your business. It's a comprehensive solution that provides a wide range of features to help you stay compliant, track inventory, sell products, and build relationships with your customers.



coreFFL helps FFLs stay compliant with all federal and state laws and regulations. It includes a library of resources, checklists, and tools to help FFLs stay on top of their compliance requirements.


Inventory Management

coreFFL tracks inventory levels, makes it easy to order new products, and generates reports. This helps FFLs to ensure that they have the products they need in stock, and to track their inventory levels over time.


Sales & Marketing

coreFFL helps FFLs sell their products online and offline. It includes an easy-to-manage eCommerce platform, a marketing automation platform, and a CRM system. This helps FFLs to reach new customers, build relationships with existing customers, and track their sales performance.



coreFFL generates reports on sales, inventory, and other key metrics. This helps FFLs to track their business performance, and to identify areas where they can improve.

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What is coreFFL?

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The All-In-One Solution for FFL Management

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Bound Book & e4473

The Bound Book and e4473 are the core components of coreFFL, and are FULLY integrated with the rest of the modules. Most other systems use third party bound book solutions which can cause data integrity issues, support headaches, and not to mention added costs.

The Bound Book and 4473 solution can run stand alone as well. Integrated background checks, a customer facing kiosk, electronic 4473 storage, custom designed price labels, easy inventory counts, and many more features are all part of our solution and all features are included.

coreFORCE | eCommerce

coreFORCE provides a customizable eCommerce platform for Firearm Dealers and Gun Ranges. coreFORCE’s provided templates ensure your business has an eCommerce solution that is easy to set up and manage, offering you the flexibility to display your brand in a way that sets you apart from the competition.

coreFORCE provides a fully customizable and comprehensive eCommerce platform for Firearm Dealers, Gun Ranges, Manufacturers and Distributors. No two customers are alike and running a templated solution that can’t be customized to fit specific needs ends up hindering a customer from fully growing their business.

In addition to offering the most powerful eCommerce platform in the industry, coreFORCE offers powerful user management and security, a full content management system, a CRM, Membership Management, Class and Event Management, Facility Management for Ranges, Waivers, Custom Forms, Distributor and Manufacturer Management, Catalog Management, Help Desk, Customer Service and Blog Management.

coreSTORE | Retail Store Operations

coreSTORE sits at the heart of your retail store operations and provides all of the functions you need to operate your store, manage your inventory, and manage your business operations.

Even if you don’t have a physical store, you can still use coreSTORE for order entry and your salespeople. coreSTORE is a great fit for manufacturers and distributors, with full order entry and invoicing, special orders, assemblies and kits, online payment portal, and much more.

coreCLEAR | 2A Friendly Payment Processing

coreCLEAR is unlike other merchant processing services because we have broken through the layers of the credit card world and have been able to eliminate many of the middle layer costs.

With no hidden fees, no monthly statement costs, no fuss and the ABSOLUTE BEST credit card terminals. We will provide you with a free detailed analysis of your current fees and how much we can save you, and if we can’t beat your current rates we will pay you $500.

coreILLA | Digital Marketing & CRM

coreILLA is our all-encompassing digital marketing platform equipping you with the tools to create incredible customer experiences. coreILLA saves time and money, automating all of your marketing tasks into one system.

Never miss a chance to share content, build unlimited websites, manage and categorize your contact list, and design campaigns for email and text blasts. coreILLA allows you to create workflows for automated tasks and build pipelines to streamline your sales opportunities.

Firearms Legal Protection

Protect yourself. We’ll protect you.

Firearms Legal Protection provides uncapped legal defense for members who legally use a firearm (or any legal weapon) in self-defense or the defense of others. Firearms Legal Protection is a subscription-based membership, now available through Coreware, making it easier for retailers to sell and for new members to join.

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